Web Design

Web Design, E-Commerce & Blogs

We specialise in designing brochure style websites and engaging blogs built on the WordPress platform for maximum flexibility and the ability for your website to grow with you. We also offer cost effective e-commerce solutions for small businesses to help them get started in the world of online sales. The website you are viewing right now was built by us along with all of the graphical elements you can see right here. We can set up personal blogs and starter websites from as little as £99 (this does not include domains or hosting).

Flyer and Leaflet Design

Blog Starter Websites From Just £99

Whether you are looking to start a personal blog or want to get your business online for the first time we have an attractive package that will get you up and running in no time. We will install WordPress on your webspace and get you started with a blog plus 2 standard pages. You supply us with all the text and images and we will design you your first website. You will be able to customise the site and post in a similar fashion to social media plus we give you access to a ‘Getting Started’ video we have made especially for beginners. The example site below was created for a very talented pencil artist who needed a way to show potential clients her work. She is now happily adding new pages and blog posts to it on a regular basis and has no previous experience using WordPress. Click the website images below to go to the websites.

Business Websites

What you are looking at right now is an example of a standard business website. We design it from top to bottom with as many pages as you need and can create all the graphics, illustrations and integrations that you may require. You will also have the option of adding content to it yourself in the future and your website has the ability to grow with your business. We can also help get your business started in the world of e-commerce (see further below). If you are looking for heavyweight data driven websites then unfortunately we prefer not to get involved with those, we are essentially graphic design orientated. Please note that we do not offer domain and hosting packages but can certainly help you to do so, we highly recommend Ionos.

Sell Online With Our E-Commerce Solution

If you are looking to start selling products online, whether they are physical or downloadables, we have a very affordable solution to get you started. We use Woo-Commerce with WordPress which, once set up, does not have on-going monthly costs like Shopify etc. which usually start at around the £30 per month mark. Of course as your shop expands its range there may be added functionality that you would like to add in the future but our e-commerce solution is all you need to get started and can be added later to any business website (see above) that we have produced for you. Once your site is up and running we can also provide video training on how to add products, categories and customisations. To find out more and get a base quotation please hit the button below.

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Keeping Design & Media Costs Down

Affordable does not have to mean second rate. Our aim at S90 Media is to keep our own costs down to a minimum in order to pass those savings on to you, our valued customers. To do this we have a simple principle that we adhere to religiously and we will be totally up front about it, and that is we do not give extended credit. Small projects (up to £120) are paid securely online or over the telephone up front. For services over £120 we ask for 50% of the estimated cost to be paid up front plus any fixed costs such as materials and added functionality software/apps (to cover our operating costs for that project) with the balance being payable on completion. We accept all major credit and debit cards. From previous experience during our 30+ years in this field we have learned that around 16% of our operating costs were spent chasing invoices and late payments. We now pass that saving on to you.