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Not All Social Media Platforms Are Equal

Size matters. If you are posting on multiple social media platforms each platform has it’s own optimal size to ensure the post displays correctly in the news feed on all devices whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. For instance, if you were to design an advert for Instagram and then post that same image on Facebook or Twitter it would get trimmed top and bottom in the feed and not look very professional at all. When we create social media adverts for businesses, events, product launches etc. we ensure that we adhere to the latest specifications of the networks the advert or post is destined for. If you are posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we create 3 adverts formatted specifically for those networks so that your advert looks it’s very best and the way it was intended to be viewed in the news feed.

Social Media Sizes

We can also design and supply beautiful channel art for YouTube, profile, page and group art for Facebook, Twitter profile art and more all scaled and optimised to display correctly on all device platforms.

Try Our Social Media Adverts For Just £6

It’s really easy to give this a go at a ridiculously low cost because we are so confident that you will love what we produce that you will keep coming back for more! All we need from you is a background image, your headling and some subtext (40 words or less). If you have a logo then please send that too. We will then put it all together, sprinkle some magic dust on it and email it back to you to post on your network of choice. Below is a few more details to make this as simple as possible.

  • Background Image:
    This can be a photo, a product image, a colour (just tell us what colour you would like) or a pattern.
  • Headline:
    Keep it short and snappy as the less words the bigger the text.
  • Subtext:
    We advise that you keep it simple, a long list of features or details will most likely make the text too small to read. We advise a maximum of 40 grammatically correct words.
  • Your Logo:
    If you have a logo that you would like to appear on your advert then please send it to us. We would prefer it in vector format or png with a transparent background. If you supply a jpg or similar please bear in mind that the backround colour can not be removed.
  • Network:
    Let us know which social platform you want your advert formatted for, if you require more than 1 network i.e. Facebook and Twitter, you will be charged £5 per extra network.
  • Send It:
    Zip it all up into a single file if possible and hit the button below to send it to our studio.

Once we receive your files we will have a look and make sure everything is in order and advise if there is something not quite right. If everything is all OK then we will send you a secure payment link and once we have received confirmation of payment we will get to work on it for you. Turnaround is usually within 24hrs of payment received.

Animate It

We can add some simple animation to your social media posts for just £2 extra (£8 total)  and supply it to you as an mp4 file which is compatible with all social networks and will cycle repeat (not play just once as demonstrated here). Just tell us when sending your files that you would like it animated and we’ll get right to it!

Made From Scratch – Designed Especially For You

Custom Social Media Campaign
Social Media Advertising

If you require a more comprehensive service for your social media campaign and require help with producing background images, illustrations, logo design or any other graphical elements then please do not hesitate to contact our studio. We offer a full studio service including the sourcing of images relevant to your campaign. Our studio rate is £35 per hour with a minimum charge of £20.