Photography & Editing

Photography and Image Manipulation With a Difference

We Shoot, We Edit, We Amaze

Photography evokes an emotion and is often as important, if not more so, than any words that can be written. We don’t just take photographs, we make eye candy that creates a moment of wonderment in the viewer. We really, really know Photoshop and can take the ordinary and make it truly extraordinary. From simple colour correction through to true works of art which have been heavily edited we truly believe you will find us hard to beat when it comes to image manipulation – you would not believe what we can do with photographs shot on high end cameras right down to the humble iPhone! We are also very proud to be suppliers to Adobe Stock Photography and our imagery has been used worldwide which is testament to our imaging skills and makes us immensely warm inside.

Our Photo Editing Services at a Glance

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Image Enhancement

Basic image enhancement include things such as colour correction, noise reduction and shadow & highlight adjustments to help your images make a bigger impact.

Digitisation / Scanning

We take your old printed photographs and turn them into high resolution digital versions. Our service includes basic colour correction for each image.

Image Procurement

We can source relevant images for your next next design project from various stock libraries ensuring that you have the rights to use the image. Prices vary depending on usage and exclusivity etc.


Altering reality with techniques such as sky replacement, light adjustments, adding items such as people to a shot or completely changing the look and feel of an image such as adding a car originally shot on the street and placing it into a completely different environment.

Image Stylisation

You have seen all the lame instagram filters on images that have been used a million times – we up the game and can style your images in a unique way whether that is a grunge style with added textures or adding things such as light rays – almost anything is possible.

Fine Art Prints

We provide a high quality photo print service up to  A3 borderless on materials up to 300gsm. Please to not confuse this with cheap high street photo prints.

Background Removal

Often used for product photography where the main subject needs the background removing so that it can be placed in another scene or placed on a coloured background etc.


Many people refer to this as airbrushing. We remove blemishes, enhance skin tones, bring out the eyes and much more depending on how far you want to take it.


We can take almost any image and turn it into a work of (simulated) art! From watercolours to oils, abstracts to surrealism the choice is yours.

Shoot to Thrill

We offer a range of photographic shoot options from our mini package through to the full monty. We photograph venues, events, parties, candid weddings, sports and almost anything else you can think of. Our basic packages are detailed below but can be customised to your specific requirements.

Please note that the pricing above does not include travel costs or accomodation (if required).
An up front payment of 50% is required 48 hours prior to the date of your photoshoot. The balance is payable on release of the watermark free photographs.

360° + tiny planet images are a playful extra which can be posted on social media or embedded into a website as interactive scrollable images which give a virtual experience of the location. Examples can be seen by clicking the button below.

Candid Camera

The best and most natural shots are those taken when the subject is at their most relaxed or are not so aware of the camera. We specialise in candid photography which is a brilliant addition to any wedding or special event where people are gathered. The gallery below is a small example of our candid photography shot at a wedding reception in Luton.

Aerial Photography

Photography from up above is a captivating way to show off your venue or event. Our drone pilots are fully compliant with the latest legislation and will carry out a full risk assessment before take-off. Please note that aerial photography is subject to health and safety checks and CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) clearance. Below is a sample of images taken at a recent photographic shoot at Gayton Marina in Northamptonshire where we were carrying out a training execise.

360° and Tiny Planets

360° photography is becoming ever more popular for sharing your complete surroundings with your audience. Ideal for venue photography and virtual tours these images can be embedded as interactive photos on your website via services such as Kuula (as shown below) or posted to Facebook. 360° images can also be viewed with virtual reality headsets for a completely immersive experience. Tiny planets, on the other hand are a fun way to add something a little different to your online posts.