Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design and Illustration for Print, Media & Web

We offer all of the graphic design services you would expect such as flyer & brochure design, posters, business stationary, advertising, business graphics, illustration, web graphics, logo design and much more. Below is a small sample of what we offer and of course if it can be printed or displayed on a screen then we can help with that.

Flyer and Leaflet Design

Graphic Design For Print

If it can be printed then we can design it. Flyers, leaflets, brochures, newspaper & magazine advertising, business stationary, t-shirt design, signage, packaging, posters, point of sale, bunting, flags, books, menus, greeting cards and a whole lot more.

Web Graphics

What’s a website without some nice graphical elements, icons and illustrations – a boring one to most! We create and optimise web graphics for your website, blog or other online source in the correct format for the intended use. You may need graphics with a transparent background as shown below or you may require animated gifs or web optimised video files. We can also take your print designs such as flyers or brochures and turn them into a web-friendly asset.

Website Icon Design

Icon design for your website

Web Optimised Flyers

Online flyers & brochures

Logo Design

Logos are everywhere, from corporate identity to product packaging & events and can vary in style from simple text type logos all the way through to works of art in their own right. Logos give your project an identity and their impact and influence on the customer should never be underestimated. At S90 Media we love crafting logos and have designed literally hundreds of them over the years so we are getting quite good at it now! No matter what your project is, small or large we are eagre to help design you a memorable logo. Our logo design service starts from just £50 but is, of course, dependent on complexity and time required to produce it. Get in touch to find out more.


We offer a complete illustration service covering vector graphics for print and web, business diagrams, 3D rendering, sketchwork, conceptualisation and more.

Illustration Service

Keeping Design & Media Costs Down

Affordable does not have to mean second rate. Our aim at S90 Media is to keep our own costs down to a minimum in order to pass those savings on to you, our valued customers. To do this we have a simple principle that we adhere to religiously and we will be totally up front about it, and that is we do not give extended credit. Small projects (up to £120) are paid securely online or over the telephone up front. For services over £120 we ask for 50% of the estimated cost to be paid up front plus any fixed costs such as materials and added functionality software/apps (to cover our operating costs for that project) with the balance being payable on completion. We accept all major credit and debit cards. From previous experience during our 30+ years in this field we have learned that around 16% of our operating costs were spent chasing invoices and late payments. We now pass that saving on to you.